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Festival fashion ideas for the summer of 2019

Romanian music festivals are just about to start. The largest European music festival that takes place on a beach, in other words Neversea is coming up this weekend. Waha, Electric Castle and Untold are happening in the following two months as well. So we thought we’d give you some outfit ideas to help you have a memorable experience in your festival craze this summer. 

If festival fashion was once a case of simply squeezing into your jazziest pair of denim shorts, throwing on a crop top and splashing some glitter on your cheekbones. But as we see it today, festival dressing has become a synonym for “more is more” and a chance to really rock those outstanding items in your closet.

We look for inspiration at some of our favourite celebs, which aced festival fashion this summer. Festival goers really outdid themselves as well,so check out some of our favourite looks from last week’s Glastonbury.

Whilst rainbow stripes proved a popular choice with festival goers, leopard print was the trend to beat, with A-listers as Pixie Geldof, influencer Camille Charriere, plus Immy and Suki Waterhouse all rocking the wild pattern.

We also recommend some of our hottest outfit that will surely make you feel unique during your favourite festivals. Enjoy and let us know which is your favourite.

Dua Lipa really rocked a pair of cargo pants, metal boots and a swimming suit top.

Dua Lipa really rocked a pair of cargo pants, metal boots and a swimming suit top.

Camo pants and checkers are not new in the festival scenery, and every year we discover new ways to reinvent them.

These outfits that we designed are very-festival ready too. 

The Savana Camel Camo Trousers are easily adjustable and can be turned from long to short in seconds. This way you will cover all possible weather scenarios that you can appear during a music festival: hot or cold, you are prepared. Pair them with the matching crop top, sunglasses and some cool sneakers and you are ready to party like a rock star.

The Grey Set by Navitique features festival-worthy items. The baggy trousers are cool and comfy, with large pockets to fit your cell phone, cards, glitter and other festival essentials. Complete the look with the fishnet crop top that will get you through the hot weather. 

If you are in the mood for a little color, try the Camo Trousers by Navitique in black and red. Match them with a red top and your friends will definitely find you easier in the crowd.

These items are available for custom orders.

We love checkers as part of the festival look. Combined with denim and metallic accessories, tartan offers and grunge bad-girl sort of vibe that can not be replaced. Check out this corsete that we created.

Tartan & Denim Corset By Navitique
Ema Uta is rocking this look

And yet, Glastonbury festival goers went super creative, mixing rainbow patterns, mermaid textures, animal prints and neon items in outstanding looks. Check them out:

So what will you be wearing at this summer’s festivals? Let us know! We would love to design something custom for you that will help you #BeMemorable and will surely get you featured in the official festival photos.

Love, Navitique.